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    Rationalising sheets/objects/fields using Governance Dashboard



      We have a large and complicated document which needs a clean out.

      Specifically, we are looking to remove objects, fields and possibly even sheets that are rarely if ever used.


      What I am hoping to get from the GD is a report that will list the objects/fields and include a date/time field showing when the objects were last used and/or indeed the amount of times they are used..  From this, we would ascertain what can be stripped out.


      Does anyone know if this type of report exists in the GD?

      If not, can anyone suggest the best way of going about this work?  The less time-consuming the better!


      We do intend to recreate a fully revised version of the document in a future project.

      For now, we are looking to spend some time reducing the footprint of the current document.


      Thanks in advance,



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          Tyler Waterfall

          ciaranhayes - You have a very common desire - one which I personally have felt when I was a Qlik developer at my previous company.

          The Governance Dashboard can support your efforts to some degree, though you will find some large gaps in getting a complete and accurate view of which objects are and are not being used.

          GD does include:

          • Lists of sheets, objects, fields and tables, and expressions by app
          • Session and user counts of these apps
          • User audit records for specific activities: bookmark selections, field selections, sheet accessing,

          What's missing from the GD is a more complete object-level user activity log:

          • for example, if a user accesses a sheet, what objects are visible to him or her (whether they are clicked or not)?
          • which charts are clicked? (And inversely, which charts are not clicked?)

          Some of this missing data in the Audit.log files will become available with 11.20 SR9.


          Also, stay tuned for other tools specifically focused on meeting the need that you describe.

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            Thanks for this Tyler.


            For now, I am focussing on the User Activity (Audit Log) report.

            Taking a count of sheet occurrences will help in some way to narrow down what is important and what is less so.


            If you come across a better method in the meantime, please let me know.


            Thanks again,