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    change legend color

    Michael Matern



      who knows how I can change the color of legend? At the attached example you see that a color is connected to a change reason. But the connection will be done automatically. I would like to determine a color to a specific reason.






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          Piet Hein van der Stigchel

          First load a new link table with the reason (linked to your data reasons) and three fields e.g. R,G and B. The values in these fields should correspond to the desired RGB values. Then in the backgound color of your expression (click on the + before the expression to expand the attributes) use


          The Dimension Reason should be included in the chart



          LOAD Reason,







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            Colin Albert

            The chart colours are controlled by the Colors tab on the Chart Properties.

            The first Dimension will use Colour1, the second Colour2 etc. as determined by the sort order.


            You can also enable Persistent Colours which means that the same colour for each dimension, will be used across charts that share the same dimensions.



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              anbu cheliyan

              Chart Properties --> Color Tab

              Based on color set in this tab affects Legend color


              If you want to change color based on change reason, you can set at Background color of your expression


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                jagan mohan rao appala



                Try like this


                Chart Properties -> Expression -> Click on Expression +  -> Click on Background color and give expression below


                =Pick(Match(DimensionName, 'Value1', 'Value2', 'Value3'), RGB(255, 0, 0), RGB(0, 255, 0), RGB(0, 0, 255))


                Replace DimensionName with your actual dimension name and 'Value1', 'Value2', 'Value3' with your actual values.




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                  wallace prado

                  Hi Michael,


                  You could create a Inline Table with the RGB code. For each row in inline table you put your key, the R, G and B components.


                  Something like these:


                  LOAD * INLINE [

                      Dim1, DimColor_R, Dim1Color_G, Dim1Color_B

                      A, 255, 0, 0

                      B, 0, 255, 0

                      C, 0, 0, 255



                  After, you could change the Background Color for your Expression (expand expression in the plus sign), to this:


                  =RGB(DimColor_R, Dim1Color_G, Dim1Color_B)


                  And it's done.


                  I'm attaching a example.