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    Hide Legend Entries


      Just wondering, in a graph if there are some legend entries I want hide based on some condition is this possible?? I still want the values to be graphed, I just don't want some of the legend entries to be shown.



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          Marcel Olmo

          Hey Julia,

          yes, you can do it. You have to go into chart properties, the "general" tab, and treat the tittle as a variable.

          Some like :

          ='my title'&if(condition,'show legend', 'not show legend')

          Hope it helps!!


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            Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

            Hello Julia,

            In version 9, if you show the legend, it will contain all possible expressions or dimensions. Anyway, you can do a conditional to show the color but not the label, using the following as label in dimension or expression:


            If($(vShow) = 1, 'Label', ' ')

            Hope that helps