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    Outlook store/view emails



      I want to be able to save emails somewhere (to a windows folder) and then in Qlikview view/access these emails.


      Would be great if I could categorize the emails by date and Email Name  (Morning, Afternoon)


      DateEmail NameView Email
      21/10/14Morning Click to view
      21/10/14AfternoonClick to view
      21/10/14MorningClick to view
      21/10/14AfternoonClick to view


      I do something similar with the "click to view" column being a hyperlink that opens an internal website. Have also done similar things with text objects pulling back images of https .  


      Any ideas on how this could be done? If I could keep formatting and attached pics in the body of email that would be a bonus.


      Would be extremely powerful!


      Many thanks