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    Complex Section Access problem

    Brian Dunphy

      Hi ,

      I have section access set up on a document based on a number of fields on a central Sales table. e.g. Division, Customer, District.

      I now wish to bring in Ledger table into the document.

      However I cant just link this to the sales table on invoice number as there are various differences between them. It needs to sit seperate to the Sales part of the document.

      I have added a field to my section access (SECURITYB) e.g.



      I was hoping to use SECURITYB to secure the ledger part of the document. This is working for users I set up with an entry in SECURITYB.

      My problem is that not all users will have access to ledger information but if i leave this blank the document wont open. e.g. user1 in the example above. When user1 logs in he gets a 'Enter username' box presumably because i have strict exclusion turned on.

      Is there any way i can make it so that user1 would still see his Sales data but not see any Ledger data? Basically i need the opposite to the *.

      Any help appreciated.