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    Section access issues when loading with publiser?

      I have created a QVW with section access and it works great on my desktop client. But when I send it to the publisher it will not load into access point. I end up getting the following errors:


           ERROR      Document open call failed. The document might require username and password.

           ERROR      The document failed to open.

           ERROR      Reload failed because the document could not be opened successfully.

           ERROR      Reload failed. Distribution Skipped.

           ERROR      The task ''Reload and Distribute - SmileyReport''failed. ErrorCount=5


      We have submitted a Help desk with QlikTech and they simply replied and said they don't help with section access issues. So since I can't get any help from them I hope someone out there may be able to help me. Below is my section access script.


           Section Access;

           LOAD * INLIE [

                     ACCESS,                NTNAME,               USERID

                     ADMIN,          Nucornet\_qlikview     ,          1

                     USER            Nucornet\ryan.worthy,            2




      STAR IS *;


      LOAD * INLINE [


           USERID, PRODUCT

                1,               *

                2,             Products