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    Comma and dots as thousand

    Henrique Demarco

      People, I need some help.

      I have CSV file where values are integers (values represents number of units) separated by comma as thousands.

      My system default is comma as decimals and dot as thousands. So here comes the confusion.

      CSV files are loaded as [ValorTemp] field and after becomes [Valor] as follows:


      SET ThousandSep='.';

      SET DecimalSep=',';



      LOAD Distinct * //here there is a field [ValorTemp]

      FROM E:\PSI*.csv;




      Load Distinct *,

        Num#(ValorTemp, '###', '.' , ',' ) As Valor, //[ValorTemp] becomes [Valor]

      Resident A

        Where ValorTemp <> 0;

      Drop Field ValorTemp;

      Drop Table A;


      In CSV I have an entry as 1,320 (one thousand three hundred and twenty units). In Qlikview table 'B' I also have 1,320, but I am not sure if it is being considered as "one thousand three hundred and twenty units" or "one unit and third two hundreds".

      My need is to have Qlikview [Valor] field as 1.320 meaning "one thousand three hundred and twenty units". As my data has only integers entries, a comma should never appear according to my system default.

      Can anyone help me to find the mistake?