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    HTTPS inaccessible in Chrome



      I am troubled by the access authentication implementation.


      It has been implemented in the following configuration but,

      QlikView Access Point does not appear in Chrome browser.


      OS                    :Windows Server2008 R2

      QVS Version            :11.20.12451.0

      IIS Version            :IIS 7.5

      Authentication Type    :NTLM


      above environment is HTTPS.

      but the dialog to enter the ID and Password will be displayed.

      Dialog box appears repeatedly when i enter the ID and Password from the administrator,

      QlikView AccessPoint does not appear as a result.




      This Problem does not occur in IE and FireFox.

      When performing on IIS SSL authentication in Chrome Browser, do I need to have any configuration

      and In addition, this Problem does not occur in the access of the HTTP even Chrome and other browsers.


      Please let me know if you have you know.