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    Problem Set Analisys Average

    Sandro Pividori


      When I select a value in the To column (For example: 2/11/2010), I need the PV pivot table showing all the values for each value in the Days column (30, 60, 90 ...)

      Attached file for better understanding.


        • Problem Set Analisys Average

          The problem is that you're using a dimension from an unrelated table to create your summary 'buckets'.


          There is no association between PromedeoVentas and Ventas, so, asking QV to summarize Ventas records into PromedeoVentas buckets is nonsense.


          Your pivot table needs to bucket out your fact table data in terms of itself, or a related table.


          One option is to define the dimension in your pivot table this way:


          =AGGR(CLASS(VtaMesHasta-VtaMesDesde, 30), Need some kind of unique identifier here)


          But your dataset is incomplete. I have no way to identify each unique instance of a 'Ventas', so I can't calculate the 'days' column for each of them.