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    How to add additional spreadsheet?

    Mark Ritter

      I created an app based on a spreadsheet with 2013 data in it.  I now have another spreadsheet that contains 2014 data in it.  I want to bring this new data in so that I can compare year to year data. 


      What is the best way to do this in Qlik Sense?

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Mark - if the columns are exactly the same as the other spreadsheet - you should be able to use the Quick Data Load interface to ADD DATA - and the data will be automatically concatenated with the exiting data model.


          Please let us know how you do.


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            Jonathan Poole

            Hey Mark - in Qlik Sense Desktop this can be done with the load editor or with the quick data load. The latter has the option to 'add' data.


            Regardless of which way you use, you want the data from the first load and the new load to be combined into one long table (as if you had manually created 1 big spreadsheet with all the rows from both and 1 set of field headers)


            The technical term for doing this in Qlik is called 'Table Concatention' .  To achieve a table concatenation you can force it in the load editor by preceding your 2nd LOAD with a 'concatenate' statement.  If you don't use the 'concatenate' statement , the tables will auto-concatenate IF every field in both loads has the same field name (case sensitive).  


            So doing a quick load with 'add' will work IF every field is named the same and you have the same number of fields. If it doesn't work, they you'll have to open the load editor see what is wrong and use field aliases to cause an auto-contanation or force it with the concatenate statement.  It will depend on the situation which one to use... either way let us know what happens so we can help.