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    Help on Generic Load

      HI ALl,


      I have seen so many posts on Generic Load.


      After writting Generic load statement (


      generic load *

      resident Table1



      i see the below code



      LOAD Distinct ID, name Resident Table1;


      FOR i = 0 to NoOfTables()


        LOAD TableName($(i)) as Tablename AUTOGENERATE 1

        WHERE WildMatch(TableName($(i)), 'Table2.*');

      NEXT i


      FOR i = 1 to FieldValueCount('Tablename')

        LET vTable = FieldValue('Tablename', $(i));

        LEFT JOIN (ResultTable) LOAD * RESIDENT [$(vTable)];

        DROP TABLE [$(vTable)];

      NEXT i


      Drop Tables Table1, TableList


      Can anyone please make me understand the above code step by step what it is actually doing?  Is above mentioned code is common one?