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    "Trendline" in Pivot



      I have Pivot table as shown in attachment. It has two expressions =sum(TOT) (total sales so far) and =sum(BUD) (sales budget). Dimension on the top is months.


      1) Now I would like to have TOT sums for the rest of the months which are not ready on the basis of previous months. In the expression what I'm looking after is that I would count Full months sales so far divide by the amount of monts and the I would have sales per month which I could use in the total sales. This is accurate enough. In the chart I would also like to these numbers which are counted based on estimation to have another color so they would be noticed. One illustration is shown below.



      2) And another newbie question is that I have total sums now on the right side Total TOT and BUD, how can I have another column on the end to have calculation  TOT minus BUD?