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    Excel import, date format wrong?

      Dear all,


      I am trying to import an Excel-file into Sense. Everything seem to work well, except for the date format. When I do the quick import, Sense converts my dates to the numerical value. See included screen dumps. What can I do to make me get the correct date format? I have tried to go via csv-format, and the dates are then correctly displayed, but that gives me the issue of not converting all the package IDs (column A) correctly i.e they are truncated, and are useless for my analysis.




      Sense_Quick_import_from Excel_file_Wrong_date_format.PNG.png

      Look at the column Created Date (column D) and you will see that I do not get the real date but the numerical representation. That is of course of no use for me. All date fields get the same conversion (error).


      Please advise