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    Volume Change Expression



      I am trying to calculate a Volume Change metric for a column graph.  An abbreviated version of my table looks like this:


      Geography          Time Period               Target                Volume

      Boston                 QTD                          ONC                    33     

      Boston                 1 Month                     ONC                    21

      Boston                 3 Month                     ONC                    34

      Boston                 QTD                          OTHER                23

      Boston                 1 Month                   OTHER                17

      Boston                 3 Month                   OTHER                22

      New York             QTD                         ONC                    43


      To achieve a total volume metric, my expression looks something like this: 




      But now I want to do a Volume Change metric: (Current Time Period Volume - Prior Time Period Volume) / Prior Time Period Volume


      How would I go about achieving such an expression with my current table setup??


      I have a feeling that I would need to add another column for 'Previous Volume' but I do not really want to do this.


      Any/all help is most appreciated.


      Thank You!!