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    QlikView QVD conversion to QlikSense QVD - Performance



      Im currently converting my QlikView created QVDs in to Qlik Sense QVDs using a simply LOAD *, STTRE INTO and then DROP TABLE script.  I have about 20 or so QVDs I am converting.


      Im working locally on a hard drive and Ive noticed massive improvements in loading from the QlikSense QVDs.  4 fields of 20million records take 6 minutes to load from the QlikView QVD, the same data loads in 16 seconds from the QlikSense QVD.


      What I dont understand is why the Qlik Sense App is so large, given that it only holds script, ie it is 123MB and the script isnt that big.  Does the App retain some form of data in memory after each LOAD which is not deleted when I DROP TABLE.  If so, how can I clear that before performing the next conversion.?  Would this affect loading and store into speeds as I move through each conversion?


      Many thanks