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    How to Count on a dimension and not include the dimension in chart



      I have an issue. I need to count number of occurrences and represent it in a pie chart. The issue i am facing is the count have to be by two fields which will not be included on the chart. I have similar data for multiple Group Id's and for each Group Id i need to show the results in one table.


      For example: Below is by raw data: I need to count only the rows marked in red.


      GroupIDResultGroup IDDate
      Group 11539041325/22/2013
      Group 11539046325/22/2013
      Group 215390414211/20/2013
      Group 215390464211/20/2013
      Group 315390413210/4/2012
      Group 315390413.529/17/2013
      Group 315390463210/4/2012
      Group 315390463.529/17/2013
      Group 41539041329/27/2012
      Group 415390463.529/27/2012
      Group 515390413.527/8/2012
      Group 51539046327/8/2012
      Group 615390413.523/17/2014
      Group 61539046323/17/2014
      Group 715390412.529/28/2012
      Group 71539041328/11/2013
      Group 715390462.529/28/2012
      Group 71539046328/11/2013
      Group 815390413.521/24/2014
      Group 815390463.521/24/2014


      The result i want is





      Any help?

      Thanks in advance.