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    Calculate Cost per Unit - Split String?


      I am using the Northwind Database (Microsoft) as an example and i am facing the following issue:

      I want to calculate the Profit Margin. I do have the Sale Price per Unit. When it comes to the Cost per Unit,

      the amount is for a whole box. To make it more clear i ll give an example:


      Sales in Retail

      Product                    Quantity              Price

      Coca Cola Can              1                  $1.55


      Procurement (wholesale from the distributor)

      Product                                      Quantity                  Price

      24 cans Coca Cola (box)                 1                        $22.00


      There is inconsistency between buying from the wholesaler and selling retail.

      In other words, I would like to distinguish somehow the number of products in the box(24) and then use it

      to find the Cost per Can.


      Please help!!!! Thank you