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    Employee Data Logic Issues



      Got a problem which I'm trying to work around in QlikView but currently can't manage it without some long nested IF statements. If there is an easier method using an uncommon QV function I'd love to know.




      We have a list of employees with their managers (and their managers...etc) in a table (Emma Bradley being the owner of the company and top of the tree).


      EmployeeName               ManagerL1          ManagerL2          ManagerL3          ManagerL4

      John Jennings                  Jennifer Ball          Simon Atwal         Emma Bradley

      Richard Green                  Adam Lilienfeld     Jennifer Ball         Simon Atwal         Emma Bradley


      The resulting table I need to create from this is as follows.


      Employee Name               Lvl1Manager     Lvl2Manager     Lvl3Manager     Lvl4Manager     Lvl5Manager

      John Jennings                    Emma Bradley   Simon Atwal       Jennifer Ball

      Richard Green                    Emma Bradley   Simon Atwal       Jennifer Ball       Adam Lilienfeld


      Every employee in the company will have Emma Bradley as their Lv1Manager.


      We're using a lot of structured IFs at the moment but thought I'd throw this on here to see if there are better suggestions.