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    Applymap with time range

    Sifat Rahman



      I have data from an Oracle database, where there is a field called MSG_DATE_TIME which is of data type = "timestamp (6) with local time zone".


      When the main table updates with a new row, the mapping table updates immediately after, with a few milliseconds delay, like 5 milliseconds. I want to map the FIXING_STATE, so the mapping load would be like this:




           MSG_DATE_TIME & ' ' & DESCRIPTION,


      Resident mappingtable;


      The problem is that the MSG_DATE_TIME in the main table and mapping table lag by 5 milliseconds. How can the mapping be done such that the applymap statement can accommodate the 5 millisecond lag time?


      The logic would be something like this:

      applymap('mapstate',MSG_DATE_TIME within 5 milliseconds & ' ' & DESCRIPTION)