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    Test Server CALs

    Jared Papador

      I just installed QlikView Server 11.2 SR8 and licensed it with my test server license.  I keep reading that it will have the same CALs as production (NAMED and DOC?).  How do you pull that license information from Prod?

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          Peter Cammaert

          Servers do not copy licensing information from each other. A Test server license is a different license than a production license in that it refers to it's own license records at Qlik (in Sweden) that happen to contain exactly the same number of Named/Doc CALs as the production license.


          Note that Named CALs on a test server cannot be leased. You'll have to lease them from the production machine.



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            Mohammed Ashfaq Ali



            Same here refers to No. of Document cals , user cals or any other cal available.

            But practically they both are different License.


            How do you pull that license information from Prod?

            You cannot pull Licenses from one server to another. But you can lease license from production server to License your QlikView desktop on test server if any, as you cannot lease License from test server.


            Hope it helps.




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              Corrado Maneglia

              Qlik server and Qlik server test should have the same version?

              I have istalled server test with it's licence, but server test doesn't get any user cal.

              How server test get the borrowed named or document cal?