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    Make Gauge use part of data and make gauge selectable

      Hey Guys,


      I'm a beginner at Qlikview and I couldn't figure this out.


      I have 2 tables like this:


      Danger table:

      dangerId          sourceId          dangerLevel

      A015               source01          0.4

      A016               source01          0.3

      A017               source02          0.4

      A018               source02          0.2

      A019               source03          0.8

      A020               source03          0.5


      Source table

      sourceId           sourceName

      source01          exampleName1

      source02          exampleName2

      source03          exampleName3


      What is want is three gauges, showing the average danger level per source. And when I click a gauge, a table shows which dangers correspond to that source.


      I am importing a database from SQL, I could alter the database if that would be better to solve this problem.


      Thanks in advance,