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    Doc Administrators

    Michele Barini

      Hi all,

      just a question, please suppose the following scenario:

      1. UserA creates doc1.qvw with a personal edition
      2. the company bought a SBE
      3. the doc doc1.qvw is published on the server
      4. a second user UserB download the doc from the server


      The second user, UserB, will have user privilege, correct?

      To grant admin access to the doc (and then edit the script, change the layout, the security, and so on) I have to add the section access or it is possible to do that another way (maybe adding UserB in the qlikview administrators group in the server)?



        • Re: Doc Administrators
          Bill Britt

          The SBE will only allow you to be able to allow users to access the document with IE. Yes, the user will be able to download the document if you allow it. However, once download they have full rights to the document. However, being the script is removed they will not be able to reload it.