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    Salesforce connector V12

      Is there someone who already has some experience with the salesforce connector V12.

      There is a field URL in the connector, which you should use if you dont want to go to the production environment of Salesforce i.e. to go to the sandbox. (in previous versions you had to check the sandbox checkbox.)

      If use the URL https://test.salesforce.com the connector CRASHES.


      Can anyone help me with this problem.



        • Re: Salesforce connector V12

          Hi Dirk,


          We have been testing with Salesforce connector v12. In you connector log you will be able to find the URL ( something like https://test.salesforce.com/services/Soap/u/**.* )

          **.* represents your API version.


          The Provider in the connection string has now been changed to "QvSalesforceConnector.exe" which was previously "SalesforceDLL.dll"


          Please note the current version software version (12.0) is not backwards compatible with salesforce connector version 11  code. The latest we have heard from Qliktech is that they will be releasing a patch.