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    Set Analysis problem

    Dror Svartzman


      I have the following scenario:

      1. Log which collects series of events on a system:


      • tovDtKomenTimeNum - Timestamp of event
      • tovCode - Code of event. e.g.TOV01 - low oil pressure

      2. Log which collects series of Error occurrences on a system


      • StoringenTimeNum - Timestampt of error event
      • def_code - code of error event - e.g. STOR01 - Brakes failure

      3. The two timelines are parallel and linked through SystemID

      4. we would like to show the number of error events occurred between events

      5. The threshold is determined by two variables:


      • SecondenVoorDefect - Seconds before the error event
      • SecondenNaDefect - Seconds After the error event

      6. The following chart expression works...

      Count(if(StoringenTimeNum >= tovDtKomenTimeNum - (SecondenVoorDefect/86400.0304128) and StoringenTimeNum <= tovDtKomenTimeNum + (SecondenNaDefect/86400.0304128),def_code))

      however. seeing the sheer data volume (Millions of systems events and millions of system error events), we're considering to switch over to set analysis expression. This however does not work


      =Count({<StoringenTimeNum = {'>= $(tovDtKomenTimeNum - ($(SecondenVoorDefect) / 86400.0304128))

      <= $(tovDtKomenTimeNum + ($(SecondenVoorDefect) / 86400.0304128))'} >} def_code)


      Any ideas how to crack this?


      Many thanks,