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    Bar Chart - Group by ID, but Display Name

    Bladen Brannon

      I am new to Qlik and working on a POC.  In our data we have unique ids for each record; however, some of those records have the same name.  I do not want to use the name dimension because I will end up grouping records that do not go together.  I would like to use the id dimension but display the name.  I have included some sample data below.




      1Bob JonesProduct A1500
      1Bob JonesProduct B2000
      2Bob JonesProduct A1000
      2Bob JonesProduct B1000
      3Mary JonesProduct A1000


      Below is an example of what the final output would look like.  This groups everything properly and Bob Jones is listed twice because he as two unique ids.



      Is this possible in Qlik?  I would appreciate any help.


      Thank you