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    Data Refresh At UI Level.

    ajay ajay

      Hi All,


      Currently my database is generally updating everyday around from 9 Pm to 10.30.So i scheduled the QV app around 1 AM.


      My concern is if in case the application is ran before the DB refreshment time then i have to show the user as Data Refreshed as OLD Date.I dont have any DATE field from DB tables.


      If in case if am using reloadtime() then it gives the application refreshed time.


      Please suggest the same.Let me know if in case of clarifications.




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          Mark O'Donovan

          Hi Ajay,


          Are you using QVD's to save your data.


          If so would it by possible to save the last reloaded time and the number of records in the qvd

          QvdNoOfRecords ('C:\MyDir\MyFile.qvd') so you can check if the qvd has been updated before you updated the last reloaded time.


          Just a thought.  I'm sure there is probably an easier way.





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              ajay ajay

              Thanks Mark for quick response.


              Am storing the data into the QVD then that QVD's as usual using in application.


              As per my understanding from your reply;


              If my QVDnorecords is 500 as on yesterday

              If the DB refreshment is delay so same 500 Records are there in QVD with old data.

              Even if am using the QVDCREATETIME() in the UI level then its showing the TODAYs date in the UI level(i.e.Not required to the user) as because of application has ran before the DB refreshment.


              Please correct me and guide the same.