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    Text color

      Dear community,


      I'm struggling with something very trivial:

      I've made a profit and loss statement using IntervalMatch. Everything works fine, exept for the text color... I've given each account number in my P&L stament the number 1 for the field "Level". I want every account number to have the following color: RGB(1,127,175) so I use the following function:


      If(Level = '1', RGB(1,127,175))


      This function doesn't work when an account number has a balance of 0,00 Euros. Is there a way that these zero values also get the right color? It doesn't look good in the current situation.


      Thanks in advance.





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          Piet Hein van der Stigchel

          There is a lot of information missing in your question, as to where you do what, where the text color is not working, which kind of object with what kind of dimension......


          If I had to make a guess, you are maybe using set analysis in your result expression eliminating some selections and your color statement does not. If so you can use the function Only({Set} Level).


          If this does not help you please provide us with a sample qvw demonstrating your problem.

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              Print screen 1.png

              I've added a print screen of the pivot table.

              The function "If(Level = '1', RGB(1,127,175))" is programmed in the Definition box of Text Color (when you expand the formula on the tab "Expressions". As you can see, the account number 700200 has a balance of 0,00 in August 2014, en hence is black. The level of this account balance is just as the other account balances '1', so I would like it to be colored blue as well.


              I hope this provides more insights in my problem (first time asking a question here, so I have to get used to the way I discribe my problem )?