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    GetFieldSelections on Alias column selection

    Diwakar Nahata

      Hi All,


      I need to build a string using GetFieldSelections on a column, based on the selection in its alias column.

      For e.g. in the attached qvw, the user will select dimension values from the alias list boxes (Dimension alias and Geo alias) in the left, while the GetFieldSelections should work on the actual columns (Dimensions and Geo Dimensions) so that the exact values can be fetched in the string.

      In short, if user selects 'Cust' and 'Prod Cat' from the Dimension alias list box, i want an expression which captures '&' separated values of Dimensions like 'Customer & ProductCategoryName'.


      Let me know how this can be achieved?

      Please refer the attached qvw for the same.