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    Slow performance while reloading from ODBC/OLEDB



      I need some advice. Please help.


      I have two Qlikview servers install in two different windows server, say box1 and box2. Qlikview distribution service is installed in a third windows server, say box 3. I installed the Qlikview Developer along with Qlikview Publisher in box 3. Now, when I try connecting Qlikview Developer using ODBC/OLE DB and load the data, the performance is very poor. It takes couple of minutes to fetch 2000 rows.


      For testing purpose, I also installed Qlikview Developer on box 1. Try connecting it using ODBC/OLE DB and the performance is good and  as expected - 2000 rows in seconds.


      Does installing the Qlikview Developer and Qlikview Server on different windows servers affect the performance? OR is there any other reason for facing this performance issue? Please help.



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          Colin Albert

          Is your SQL select statement using "select * from" or are you just selecting the required rows?


          Using "select *" can be slower if you are loading a lot of columns that are then not loaded into QlikView.

          Try just selecting the rows you need in SQL.


          Also depending on the drivers, OLEDB (ADO) connections can be faster than ODBC.

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            Colin Albert

            I would also monitor the memory usage and CPU usage both when the server is running normally servicing user requests and when a reload is running. With Publisher on box3, then this server should be handling the reload overhead.

            How many cpu cores are on each server and what speed?

            How much ram on each server?

            How many network cards on each server and what is the speed of the network connection to each server and to the SQL database where you are extracting the data?

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                Hi Colin,


                Thanks for the response.

                I am using "select *" in the query.But, the same query is running fine on other boxes 1 & 2.

                I am only facing performance issue in box 3.

                RAM on box 3 is 16 GB,

                RAM on box 1 and box 2 is 64 GB.

                Box 1,2, and 3 are in production environment.


                In dev environment, Devbox 1 has just 8 GB RAM but the performance on the same database is fine.


                1) Do you think that 16 GB RAM is making the performance slow? But, it works fine on 8 GB RAM in dev.

                2) Is there any restriction that Qlikview Desktop/Developer cannot be installed in the same box as Qlikview Publisher? Will it affect performance in any way?



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                Massimo Grossi

                can you try with a different sql tool (not qlikview) on box 3 using same connection, same source db and same query?