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    Slow performance while reloading from ODBC/OLEDB



      I need some advice. Please help.


      I have two Qlikview servers install in two different windows server, say box1 and box2. Qlikview distribution service is installed in a third windows server, say box 3. I installed the Qlikview Developer along with Qlikview Publisher in box 3. Now, when I try connecting Qlikview Developer using ODBC/OLE DB and load the data, the performance is very poor. It takes couple of minutes to fetch 2000 rows.


      For testing purpose, I also installed Qlikview Developer on box 1. Try connecting it using ODBC/OLE DB and the performance is good and  as expected - 2000 rows in seconds.


      Does installing the Qlikview Developer and Qlikview Server on different windows servers affect the performance? OR is there any other reason for facing this performance issue? Please help.