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    Trying to assign licenses

    Amit Deepchand



      I am new to Qlikview and I have the following questions regarding licenses and availability of documents:

      1. How do I make a document accessible to a user?

      2. How do I assign a license to a document? If I assign a CAL license to a document, would any user be able to open it?

      3. Are there any resources out there to provide more documentation on the configuration of the licenses and other server side configs?




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          Nils Morris


          1. Documents are made available by adding documents to the root folder or mounting a folder (System > Setup >Folders). The content of these folders will displayed on the Acces Point providing the user has the right permissions.. QlikView will out of the box use windows file security to handle permissions so users will only se documents that they have at least read rights to (this can be set on folder or document level). In addition to this access can be granted or denied ny using Section Access or using QlikView Publisher to handle distribution, this will set access on file level using either windows security NTFS or by setting the server/publisher to run in DMS mode. In DMS mode QlikView will handle access to the documents and not windows. This is very  simple way of explaining it, there is a bit more to it than this but i think this might point you in the right direction.


          2. CALs are typically assigned to Named users and will be tethered to that user. If a user has a Named CAL then that user will be able to open and use QlikView documents (providing they have permissions, se above). If you are using Document CALs then these are assigned on the document level within the QMC (Documents tab). Again these are Named licenses and are tethered to a Named user and also tethered to a document. Depending on how you are allocating your CALs then users may or may not be able to open documents depending on availability or assignment of CALs. Again this all depends on if they have permissions to the documents or not.


          3. I would recommend attending the Systems Administrator (Server/Publisher) course where all this and a lot more is covered.


          Hope this is to some help.

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              Amit Deepchand

              Thanks for your reply.


              If I want to use the custom authentication method instead of using Windows, how would I be getting certain users to see certain documents?


              I am planning to attend the Server/Publisher course but not until the end of November. However, I am working on a project right now on creating dashboards. This is why I am asking those questions.

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              Security Collaboration will happen in Qlikview across 3 levels - Document / Publisher / QVS level authorization.

              You can apply certain user restrictions at Document level using Section Access. At the next level you could use Publisher for authorization of reduced documents to different users. the last level done at QVS (can be NTFS / DMS) for each user documents.


              As Nils pointed out you could assign to either All Authenticated Users or Named User/Groups at both Publisher & Server level.