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    Problem with 2 cyclic groups as dimensions

      Hi All:

      I am facing an issue if you can help me.


      In my dashboard i have a list box for Calendar Type 'fiscal' or 'calendar' . i also have listboxes for Fiscal year, fiscal Month,Fiscal Quarter. I also have list boxes for calendar Year,Month and Quarter.

      User wants to Select Calendar type Fiscal or calendar and see a cyclic group containing pertaining to fiscal or calendar Year,Month and quarter. in the chart for the selection.


      I have created 2 Cyclic groups for Fiscal and Calendar


      In my chart i have 3 dimensions - One fiscal period cycle,one Calendar period cycle and one account field.

      I am switching between the cyclic groups by using "enable condition" on dimension tab and that works fine.


      My issue is my chart shows cycle for account also,even though there is not cycle object for Account field. It is just a column.


      Can you please tell me why Account is displaying as cycle and also is there any other way i can work around this problem.


      See my example attached. My example just uses the fiscal Year and calendar Year but in real situation i have month and quarter as well.


      Thanks for your help.