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    Sharing Data Connections?

    Goran Korsgren



      How do you grant access to other users to use a data connection you have created?


      The Sense help says "To give access to the data connection to other users than the owner, edit the connection or go the Security rules page."


      I can't really see where to do it neither in "Data connection edit" or "Security rules" page ...

      Can someone give me a hint, please?

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hello GandalfGray - to make sure of a few things.


          If a user has been granted the ContentAdmin role - they will have access to ALL of the defined connections excluding the Folder-type (files) connection.


          Is that sufficient for your use case or would you like to lock down specific connections to specific users / roles / groups etc?


          If the latter - this can be done by setting up a new security rule.


          I will provide you with some steps, once I learn more about which it is you would like to do.




          Mike T

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              Goran Korsgren



              When logged in as a user (let's say MisterX) with ContentAdmin role, I do not have Data connections created by another user available, even though MisterX is listed under that connections associations with Read, Update permissions.


              The first thing we would like is to be able to create one oledb data connections which all developers could use.

              As it is now each developer must creates his own connection...