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    QlikSense Point Map - color by dimension

      I'd like to create a point map in QlikSense where the size of the bubbles is based on a Measure value and the color of the bubble is based on a Dimension.  How can I do that?



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          Adam Booth

          Hi Tom,


          This should be fairly simple, unless I have misread your query.


          1. Under Layers set the Expression to be the value you want to control the bubble size and then make sure the Use size box is ticked.

          2. Under Appearance - Colors and legend turn off Colors - Auto and then set the dropdown to "By dimension"


          IF you are trying to do more beyond this you might start to hit some of the current limitations around mapping.

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              Hi Adam - thanks for the suggestion. I'm using a point map and, as far as I can tell, I can only create one layer and that's the location of the bubble.  Choosing "color by dimension" colors every bubble differently, since each represents a different location, which is not what I'm after.


              I'd like to add a second dimension that is not location based to color the bubbles. 


              My data happens to represent companies - so each company is in a city and each one has an industry type.  I'd like to show the number of companies in each city (bubble size) with bubbles colored by industry type.  So if there are 5 companies in Las Vegas, 2 software and 3 Healthcare - then I'd want 2 bubbles in Las Vegas, one health care larger than software, and two different colors and a legend showing color by industry type.


              Is that possible?  I linked the qvf in my response to Mike Tarallo, if you want to take a look.




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                  Adam Booth

                  Hi Tom,


                  Quick answer: As said below, this isn't currently possible


                  Long Answer: From the description of your requirements I would consider different ways of showing the data, depending on what you are trying to see. The problem with the bubbles on a map approach is when you have identical sized bubbles in the same place they obscure each other, and deciding how to put a small bubble on top of a larger bubble, and not underneath. You would have the same challenge in QlikView even with the colour by expression ability.


                  If you are trying to show the ratio between industries then a stacked bar might be more appropriate. If you are trying to show the geographical spread of industries then using an area on the map to show weak and strong areas and then having maybe multiple maps to allow comparison between industries might be a solution. Position and length are a far better tools than size for understanding the relation between values due to the way our brains work.

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                Michael Tarallo

                Hi Tom,


                What Adam has provided seems logical - you can see this in action here:


                Maps Chart Object


                Please let us know how you do.



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                    Hi Mike - thanks for the video tips. That's the video was very helpful when I got started with them map to figure out the GeoPoint piece.  Using that to create the Location field worked and first got the bubbles to show up.  I tried changing the layer to show the city instead of the coordinates, but then nothing shows.


                    Color by dimension colors each bubble differently, since the only dimension in the model is the Location.  The "Add layer" button is disabled, so I can't add another dimension to determine the bubble color.  How do I add the second dimension to define the bubble color?


                    I've attached the qvf, if that helps.





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                        Jonathan Poole

                        Tom - nice app.


                        i'm afraid this isn't possible with the out of box map object.


                        It would be possible with a bar chart, tree chart and many others... just not a map.


                        The capability you need is 'color by expression'. But maps only have 'color by dimension' and 'color by measure' and you only have 1 of each. 


                        Here is the feature i described from the documentation.  Hopefully support will come soon.


                        http://help.qlik.com/sense/en-US/online/#../Subsystems/WorkingWith/Content/Colors/ColorByExpression.htm?Highlight=color by expression



                        Coloring by expression

                        In the properties panel, you have options for changing the color settings of a visualization. The option Color byexpression gives you great freedom to decide how to color the measure values in a visualization. In the expression you can define what colors to use and have different colors for different value ranges. In a table you can define both the colorof the background and the text color, and color different measure columns individually. Other charts receive a single coloracross all measures (if multiple measures exist).

                        Correctly used, coloring by expression is a very efficient way of accentuating values of particular interest, or differentiating between values that do and do not meet a limit value.

                        The expression is a color code: Selected by default, because, normally, you want to use the expression as a color code. When this option is cleared, the expression evaluates to a number, which in turn is plotted against one of the chart gradients. If you use the same expression as the measure in the visualization, you will have the same coloring as Colorby measure.

                        Visualizations that support color by expression

                        The following visualizations support color by expression:

                        • Bar chart
                        • Combo chart
                        • Line chart
                        • Pie chart
                        • Scatter plot
                        • Table
                        • Treemap
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                          Quan Ho

                          Hi Tom,


                          Currently, the map layers (polygon layer and point layer) do not support color by a second dimension. However, they now support "color by expression" (the latest version of QlikSense). So you can use this feature to solve your problem. For example you can use the following expression




                          to color points based on the IndustryType of points.


                          Hope this helps!