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    Section acces

    Fernando Keuroglian

      Hi, experts, i want to open a qlikview script in a new sense version, but when i try to drop to sense it appears a message that not allowed mi, because the qlikview has got section acces.


      i delete hidden script, and the "on open check to section acces" in the document properties but the message continue appears


      there is no reference to the document contain security but continue appears the alert and i cant continue


      what coudl be


      attached an image


      thank you a lot



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          Michael Tarallo

          Hello Fernando,


          I have not tried section access from QlikView to Qlik Sense personally, but I have a document created by one of our principal architects that outlines this process. Would you care to take a look at it and see if it addresses your problem and provide some feedback? I attached it to this discussion.





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            kiran ch


            Did u succeeded in section access , actually I have tried using two inline loads but some how I am getting "access denied" error.


            I doubt from my side is, is  USERID acts like NTNAME or we can have any userid other than users in Qliksense server.


            section Access;

            load * Inline [


            USER, Domainname\ADMINISTRATOR,

            USER, Domainname\TEST, 10

            USER, Domainname\PAVAN, 20

            USER, Domainname\RAM, 30

            USER, Domainname\RAKESH, 40

            USER, Domainname\RAJESH, *



            Section Application;

            load * inline [

            Eid, Ename,Sal, DEPTID

            1, AA, 1000, 10

            2, BB, 1000, 10

            3, CC, 2000, 20

            4, DD, 2000, 20

            5, EE, 3000, 30

            6, FF, 3000, 30

            7, GG, 4000, 40

            8, HH, 4000, 40

            9, II, 5000, 50

            10, JJ, 5000, 50



            I have test , administrator users in Qlik sense server