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    show/hide object using variables

    Fernando Keuroglian

      Hi, expert , i am start using sense and i would like to know if i can manage show/hide object using variables like qlikview


      it that possible? how start using this? o what is the way to do it


      thank you a lot



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          Jonathan Poole

          Fernando - its not possible out of box but there could be an extension out there that could do this for you. 

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            Sean Donovan

            Hi Fernando,


            There is currently no out-of-the-box support to show/hide objects in the Qlik Sense user interface.  QlikView is for guided analytics and Qlik Sense is for self-service visualization.

            Qlik Sense was built so that any user can recreate any given chart quite easily, so it's by design that Qlik Sense objects cannot be hidden based on security rules.  If there is a show/hide object requirement, that is looking more for a very guided experience and QlikView will be the current tool for that example.




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              Hi Fernando.


              You can't insert a conditional visualization expression in Sense.


              For a fast solution you can load some description fields and use it to manage visualization directly in calculate dimensions expressions

              ex. if(GetFieldSelections(description field 1)=some text,dimension1,

                   if(GetFieldSelections(description field 2)=some text,dimension2,

                   if(GetFieldSelections(description field 3)=some text,dimension3



              Alternatively you can check for your Sense visualization api's in QlikBranch Community:


              You will certainly find what you are looking for.