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    Extension Object - Data Handling

      While trying to getting hands dirty with extension, landed up in a doubt. I refer this link: Re: Passing data from qv to extension where hyunku77 's reply was really helpful.

      "Your Definition.xml should have 3 Dimensions and 1 Measurement.  If you want to pass a color, then add a Text.


           <Dimension Label = "Maker", Initial="Maker" TargetName="Maker"/>

            <Dimension Label = "Model", Initial="Model" TargetName="Model"/>

            <Dimension Label = "Type", Initial="Type" TargetName="Type"/>    

            <Measurement Label="Sales" Initial="SUM(Sales)" TargetName="Sales" />

            <Text Label="Color" Initial="#AF8DC3" />"

      The above section from the link made me think that, I could replace Initial="Sum(Sales)" by Initial="Avg({<My Set Expression>}Sales" or by any valid expression, but I could not produce desired result with that. Can't I use any such valid expression and think the data set as a straight table ?

      Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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          Anydoby? bmz, cuv, swr, erik.wetterberg

          Is it something to do with qvpp file? Request your kind help.

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              Stefan Walther



              first of all you have an error in your definition, there is an unnecessary comma in the first three lines ...

              Then, one very important recommendation:

              - Whenever you make changes to the definition.xml, remove the extension from QlikView, close the app, re-open the app and then re-add the extension, most of the time this is the reason why changes are not reflected ...


              If you still have troubles, contact me, then I'll send you an example ... (just on the road now, so cannot do it right now)




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                  Hi Stefan,

                  Thank you very much, for your kind help. I would try the way you suggested, and get back. I was following your tutorial at qlikblog.com . Would request you to extend the tutorial, the initial chapters are really helpful to start with. Without an official(was expected from Qlik) in-depth extension tutorial , yours is a great help. Looking for some more (like: playing with qvpp file...) .


                  Thanks, once again.