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    Dimension values in a Pie Chart

    Stephane Montani

      I try to migrate a QlikView application in QlikSense for a customer and they use a lot of pie chart. I create the pie chart easily in Sense but for the appearance part I have questions :


      - Is it possible to hide dimension label if I use the  legend ? If the legend is activated, I have the dimension label near the pie. So I have the same information twice.

      - Is it possible to have the value and the percentage in the pie chart instead only value or percentage ?




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          For your questions:


          These answers uses some tricks to achieve the result you want, though.


          1. Yes, you can hide the dimension label by giving a empty (a space) Label in Property panel. (You cannot  use a master dimension for this trick, you need to break the link if you are using any)

          2014-10-29 12_03_02-Qlik Sense Desktop.png

          2. We don't have this option for 1.0 and I have no idea if would have that, unfortunately. And currently, without 'expression label' function in Qlik Sense, I don't really have good idea how to trick it unless you do the trick on load script.