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    How to release a lease license



      I have heard that I can only lease the license in place. Is it correct?


      Before, I was doing my dashboard development in my local machine (so I lease one license there) and then I developed some scheduled work on one of the server (so I lease my second license).


      I found that it would be better for me to develop my dashboard on the server. So I have another server just for developing.

      And I need to lease another license there for opening dashboards.


      Is it true that I cannot lease the third license without releasing one of the license I leased before?


      If so, how can I release them? I will probably release the one on my local machine.


      I have heard that I need to wait 30 days. Do I have another option without waiting that long?


      Thank you very much.



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          Tresesco B

          You have to wait for 24 hours (30 days). 30 days - is the period of license lease to remain active without connecting to the server.

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            Mohammed Ashfaq Ali



            With 1 id you can lease on two machines.

            Lease will be removed immediately.


            Go to your 1st or 2nd machine that you want to remove lease.


            Open qlik developer go to user preference--> licence tab--> click on clear license information.


            By this your lease will be removed.


            You can lease on another server you want.




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                Hi Ashfaq:


                Thank you very much for your quick reply.


                I have followed your steps and successfully clear the license information on my local machine. (I cannot open any previous developed dashboard now)


                But I still cannot lease a license on my new server.


                Do you know why?


                For your information, when I check the Lease License History on production server management console I can still see my two previous lease.


                Do I need to wait the the history to be cleared before I can lease on another place again?


                Thank you very much for your help.