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    Qlik and R integration

      Hi All,

      I am a new user to Qlikview and I was trying to do product association integrating both R and Qlik. While doing this I am facing some statconnector problem ( ActiveX component can't create object: 'StatConnectorSrv.StatConnector' ) and I would like to know how to get the R results in Qlikview in form of a text document. Please help me in resolving this issue


      Here is my macro  -



      Sub runRScore



           ' Create a COM object representing R

        Set R = CreateObject("StatConnectorSrv.StatConnector")

        R.Init "R"


           R.EvaluateNoReturn "library(arules) "

           R.EvaluateNoReturn  "sink('"&CurrentPath&"/output.txt')"

           R.EvaluateNoReturn "product.transaction.set <- read.csv('"&CurrentPath&"/finaldf2.csv', na.strings=c('.', 'NA', '', '?'), strip.white=TRUE, encoding='UTF-8')"   

           R.EvaluateNoReturn "rules <- apriori(product.transaction.set, parameter = list(support = 0.4,conf = 0.6,target = 'rules'))"

           R.EvaluateNoReturn  "rules.sub.services <- subset(rules, subset = lhs %pin% 'AO1')"

           R.EvaluateNoReturn  "inspect(rules.sub.services)"







          ' Close R connection



           Set v = ActiveDocument.GetVariable("vRuntime")

        'v.SetContent Runtime(), True


           ' Load the scores into the QlikView application

           ActiveDocument.DoReload 2, false,false 'Fail on error, Partial Reload


           'WriteLog("Retrieved Scores from R at "&Runtime&".")


      End Sub