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    Is it possible to "save" Dynamic Update changes to the Server?



      We have a Qlikview document deployed on the Qlikview Server, and users have access to it. In the Qlikview document we have a Dynamic Update action allowing users to modify the data in the document. When on a local client (i.e. on my laptop), I can save these Dynamic Update data changes into the .QVW. I have forced this through a macro, executed after the DynamicUpdate action.




      However, in the Server environment this macro does not seem to function (macro execution and unsafe macro execution are both enabled on both server and document level) and we seem to lose our Dynamic Update data modifications after some time. (Presumably when QVS unloads the document to preserve server memory? I'm currently running tests to verify this. Can someone confirm/deny this?)




      Is there a way to allow Dynamic Update changes to be "stored" on the Qlikview Server, either in the .QVW or in the shared metafile? Is there a macro available to automate this when the user presses a button?

      Or, worst case, are the dashboards presented read-only to the user and can Dynamic Update modifications not be stored in the Server-hosted .QVW?


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