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    Direct Query RAM usage

    Trey Bayne

      QV Version 11.2 SR5


      I understand that when using Direct Query, a user makes a selection and the script defined as Direct Query is executed agains the source database. The result set of that query is then returned to the user in the QlikView interface.


      My question is;

      When the result set is returned, is it loaded in to RAM? Does the RAM usage on the server increase with the result of the returned set?


      Getting access to test this at my company will be difficult so any help from here would be much appreciated.

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          Bill Britt



          If you will look at the QlikView SR5 Reference Manual section 21.4 it will explain the in-memory model.  This is from the version SR7 manual.

          When table fields are loaded with a Direct Discovery load statement (Direct Query), a similar table is created

          with only the DIMENSION fields. As with the In-memory fields, the unique values for the DIMENSION

          fields are loaded into memory. But the associations between the fields are left in the database.




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              Trey Bayne

              Thanks Bill but my questions is a little different.

              1. You reload a document. All in memory tables are loaded. The DIMENSION fields in Direct discovery 'tables' are loaded in but DETAIL and MEASURE are not.

              2. A table box is created in the UI with fields from the DETAIL field.

              3. At first the table in the UI is empty.

              4. When a user makes a selection that is associated with a DETAIL field, the Direct Discovery function executes the call to the source database.

              5. The database returns the set and in the UI the table box is populated.


              Is the .qvw bigger in RAM when the table box is populated?