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    calculated dimension

    Suresh Babu

      what is the use of calculated dimension.......

      exp line with examples... 

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          Anand Chouhan



          1. Calculated dimension means you have to filter some data from n Number of rows,

          2. Need to remove the NULL value from front end in the chart


          Load * inline

          [ Regions,Customer,Sales




          D,C2,2587 ];


          Suppose in this case you want chart for only A and D regions then use calculated dimension


          Dimension:- If(Match(Region,'A','D')

          Expression:- Sum(Sales)


          Note:- Click on the Suppress When Value is Null option, also if you use later version of the QV then this feature added in the Straight chart and bar chart.


          Hope this helps


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            Diego Alegre

            Othe possible use is to concatenate in one field two or more existent fields, codes and description, for example.


            =CustomerCode &' - ' CustomerName

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              Through the use of the calculated dimensions you can essentially solve the following problems:


              - Create new simple dimensions directly when you design your reports (not recommended but possible) through pure concatenation of two or more fields previously loaded in your document.


                Example: Dimension = PRE_COD&ITEM_COD


              - Connect your dimension to a pre-defined mathematical condition (it requires, in addition to the expression, to include dell'Arrg () statement, with the "aggr dimension" equal to same dimension you want to show in your object)



              Dimension = Aggr(  if(  Sum({Year={<$(vPreviousYear)}>}SALES) > Sum({Year={<$(vCurrentYear)}>}SALES)  ,'PRE_COD'),  PRE_COD)

              The expression shows only items for whose last year sales exceed current year sales



              - Show/Hide dimension relating it to a variable or to a mathematical function



              Dimension = if($(vShowDim1)=1,'DIM1','DIM2')

                                  or if($(vShowDim1)>$(vShowDim2),'DIM1','DIM2')