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    Problem validating QMS API service

      I'm trying to follow the instructions in the "QlikView Management API - #1 Setting up a Visual Studio project" doc.


      Our QlikView server/publisher is installed on a dedicated server. On this server, I created a QlikView Management API" group and added myself as a member.


      Then on my computer in Visual Studio, I tried to validate the API service through Add Service Reference, entering http://servername:4799/QMS/Service in Address, then clicking Go. I got the message "An error occurred while attempting to find services at 'http://servername:4799/QMS/Service'. The details of the error says something like ... unable to connect ... connection attempt failed ... no endpoint listening


      Do I have to do some setup of the Service on the server? Not knowing if anything may be necessary, I just went ahead to set up Remote Management Services in QMC and set the url to http://servername:4799/QMS/Service. However, it didn't seem to help in the service validation I was trying to do as part of following the above doc.


      What would you suggest I do? FYI, I'm a real novice so please explain in basic terms.


      Thanks for your pointers.