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    .shared file growing after bookmark creation

    Paul Johansson



      I have a .shared file that increased by 100 Mb after just creating a bookmark.  What could be the reason for this?


      The bookmark is created on a hidden field, containing approx 10 000 rows.


      Any feedback or pointers are welcome,


      Thanks in advance,



        • Re: .shared file growing after bookmark creation
          Ashfaq Mohammed


          All your user created bookmarks will be stored in  .Shared file.

          I'm not sure if it takes 100MB to store a bookmark.


          May be your shared files are corrupted.

          I would first take proper backup.


          Try by deleting .Shared file and check if this resolves.



          By deleting .Shared file all the user created objects will be deleted too.

          In this case you can restore the same from backup file.


          Hope it helps