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    Working out Averages

      Hi there,

      Im trying to get a table to show a players successful outcomes.I have this line of code which works  and gives me a percentage of positive outcomes from a specific match but I also want a line to show the players average in general and also the average success rate of all players in a specific match.

      The code to show successful outcomes is as follows:


      ({SAR_1<[Kick Outcome]={1}>}DISTINCT MatchID_ScenarioMap)/count({SAR_1}DISTINCT MatchID_ScenarioMap)


      The matches are stored as 'MatchID' and the players by 'Kicker', I was thinking that I would need to put in a modifier to exclude either the kicker from the code or the match for each average but it doesn't seem to work.


      any Help is greatly appreciated,