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    Qlikview macros using javascript

      Hello all!


      I'm a beginner in Qlikview and I need your help!


      I've been looked in Qlikview community but I don't find the solution to my problem. I've generated a macro to resize a ListBox when button is clicking, but is written in VB and I want it to be written in JavaScript.


      In VB I have and works:


      sub extendheight
      set obj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("SelectorsContainer")
          set fr = obj.GetFrameDef
          set pos = fr.Rect
          pos.Width = pos.Width
          pos.Height = 1525
          obj.SetFrame fr,true,dummy
      End sub


      But with JavaScript I've tried:


      function extendheight()
        var obj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("SelectorsContainer");
        obj.style.Height = 1525;




      function extendheight()
        var obj = document.getElementByID("SelectorsContainer");
        obj.style.Height = 1525;


      and doesn't work.


      Can someone help me?


      Thak you for all!





      Jesús Pau.