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    Reload Schedule - Reset




      I am having a problem I am hoping someone has a solution to.


      I have set our qlikview files to automatically reload via the reload scheduler on the QEMC.


      However,  every week our systems automatically undergo a server reboot (at 11:00PM on Sunday nights) - Server Infrastructure process.


      Everytime this happens all the reload schedules are reset to 00:00.


      Is there anyway of preventing the reload schedules from resetting to 00:00 every time the server is rebooted.  It is becoming a painful and time consuming to run manually on monday mornings, especially for those staff who expect the latest information come 9:00 AM Monday morning.



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          vinaykumar HG

          hi, for time being, through windowns schedulars run the batch files for reloading the app every monday morning. so that you ll get time to reset the QEMC schedulars. through batch file u can reload your entire qvws and u copy to publish folder also. only for monday keep this as backup plan in the morning.

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            Ashfaq Mohammed

            I would look into the root cause instead.

            What version of Qlik you use.

            How frequently this happens.


            Did this happens on manual restart too?

            If yes, then I would look for upgrading Qlik.

            If no, Then I myself write a batch to restart Qlikview server instead your in fracture.


            Let me know if that worked.