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    What is your server configuration?

      Hi All,

      I see several threads where people are trying to find out a ball park figure for QlikView server configuration.

      Will it be a good idea If everyone could share the specs for server configuration , Database Size, QVW sizes and number of users then we could build a qlikView app to do a server look up?


      If you guys agree would you  please provide the data in the following format?



      Server Processor Manufacture

      Processor Type/Model :

      Processor Frequency:

      Total Processor Cores :


      OS Info


      Database Size :

      QVDs Size

      Biggest QVW Size

      Avg QVW size

      Smallest QVW Size

      Number of QVWs in Production



      Number of users

      Number of concurrent users


      Overall Performance (Bad/Good/Excellent) :