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    Labels on drill down

    John-Paul Della Putta

      With QlikView, when you build a dimension drill down, you can set the name for the column at each level.


      With Sense, there doesn't seem a way to do this.



      This is a problem if you use a function to show or hide the column.


      Anyone worked out a work-around, or am I missing something?

        • Re: Labels on drill down
          Jonathan Poole

          There is not within the drill down dimension definition. 


          You would need to create those calculated dimensions in the load editor where you can do aliases.


          For example, in the load editor












               Project_Name as [Project Name],

               Phase_Name as [Phase Name],

               if(PMStatus='Open',Company......      as [New Field Name],



          Once you make the change, hit 'load',  then back in the UI you will have 'Project Name' , 'Phase Name', and 'New Field Name' as nice clean dimensions for your drill down dimension.