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    Colored images for infograhics

    Fred Schonenberg

      I have this idea, don't have the time (and (extension)skills yet).

      Anyway.. I just wanted you to know. And I don't like the idea getting lost...


      I love the idea of being able to create Qlik Sense apps as Infographics.

      One way of course is SVG, but another way is a textbox with some webfont, for example Ellen Chisa's metro-icons-fixed-2000-webfont


      Just showing one character.


      Scalability is important, but both options have the ability to change colors, add borders, shadow, etc

      Calculated colors, colors by measure or dimension or company colors in gradients, or whatever.

      With the webfont it's even possible to resize depending on values.

      I think it's even possible to resize SVG, resized DIV in full DIV, not sure.

      It could be an adjusted text extension, adjusted background for the current text object with the advantage and ability to show text or values within the extension. And maybe later with an onClick or tap to open a different sheet :-)


      Like said before, I don't like the idea getting lost.


      I'm going to play with extensions in the dark winter evenings, but maybe you like the idea and fix it before I'll start.

      In that case, I'll find a new experiment (Graph.js line or radar charts :-).




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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Fred - thanks for your contribution. What a coincidence we love infograpahics too!


          I will submit this information to R&D - so it is in their systems and so it does not get missed. Just so you know, I am aware of a variety of extension capabilities that are "in-the-works" that may support all this capability and more. You may also check out Qlik Branch.

          This is our developer network and open exchange - where you can download extensions, contribute and open your own project, as well as collaborate with others. You may find something already available.


          In case you have not seen it - this post on Qlik Sense Extensions and Qlik Branch may help and provide additional information: Qlik Sense - Introduction to Extensions (video)


          Thanks for your community involvement!




          Mike Tarallo


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              Fred Schonenberg

              Hi Mike,


              Thanks for your response.


              I'm already a Branch member since a couple of weeks. Needed Brian's updated SVGMap ;-).

              As far as I can see, there's nothing like it in there yet.


              I watched your video (nice job) and actually already did the two dimensional scatter 'exercise' at

              http://blog.axc.net/tutorial-how-to-build-a-qlik-sense-extension-with-d3/ (Thanks Speros).

              For now there are a couple of other things to play with (Yeah I know, but that's not what I meant :-) ) Hopefully Sense Extensions follow soon.


              I'll attach a static HTML later.

              There are some things to clarify.




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                  Fred Schonenberg

                  Attached a simple, quick-and-dirty example on Ellen's Webfont.

                  I used a Z-index'ed DIV layer instead of a background to get easy access to attributes.

                  So the image (Background) and time (Measure) are separate layers.


                  At night you'll see a darkblue bed with time in grey.

                  Between 8 and 20 hr, you'll get a nice mug of coffee in Maroon (bit of milk).

                  After 20:00 there's a red glass of wine.


                  In short, depending on the measurement, you're able to change images, text, colors etc etc


                  This example is showing me the darkblue bed right now..

                  Good night ;-)